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Revival of the Nation of Gold: Jipangu

As a result of years of recession and deflationary trends, Japan’s domestic consumer market has been flooded with cheap products and services, predominantly due to the hollowing out of the country’s industrial and manufacturing base to China and South East Asia, where levels of leading edge high-tech production and factory infrastructure, even unavailable in Japan, exist. The past twenty years for Japan is often referred to as the “Lost Two Decades,” however this possibly could be a more pertinent interpretation for the coming twenty. Every twenty years, the two main buildings inside the Ise Jingu Shrine, a huge shrine complex dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu-omikami, are rebuilt. 2013 marks the 62nd undertaking of this major event. The shrines that are rebuilt are Naigu, the "Inner Shrine," and Geku, the "Outer Shrine,"and they, as well as other parts of the complex, undergo rebuilding according to the original design blueprints from over 1,000 years ago. The shrines are rebuilt on land that is adjacent to the existing shrines and each rebuilding alternates between these two sites. No other shrines outside the Ise complex are allowed to use these original construction designs. This rebuilding tradition is part of the Shinto belief in the transience of life and the renewal that follows death. It is also an invaluable way to pass on ancient building wisdom and techniques from one generation to the next. For a civilisation and culture that has nurtured such traditions for centuries, what are the implications arising from the term “Lost Two Decades?” At present there are not many professionals in the market place that have had the opportunity to come into direct contact with high-grade mirror polished craftsmanship. As a result, rather than making informed judgments based on sound insight, price alone has become the dominant underlying factor when placing an order or purchase. We here at Kyoraku Kougei Co., Ltd. believe that, while appreciating budget constraints are a vital consideration, this needs to be balanced with a true understanding of what constitutes authentic quality. Although a return to the extravagant ages of the past is inconceivable, we offer those still interested in un-paralleled craftsmanship an essential essence of Kyoto’s traditional decorative arts, with modern day variations on a theme, in reverance to the ancient “Nation of Gold: Jipangu.”

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“Revival of the Nation of Gold: Jipangu"

KYORAKU KOUGEI's Unique Characteristics

Master artisans, with a track record to match.

Kyoraku Kougei's UV paint coating expertise is unrivalled in Japan, specialising in the production of superior quality large-scale tables and murals.
However, this alone, is insufficient to create ultimate client satisfaction. The larger the item, the more complicated it becomes to attain a flawlessly smooth polish on the end product. In light of this, the spirit and technial mastery of the artisan is paramount, far surpassing what could be achieved via automated machinery. The same is true for the intricate and subtle expertise demanded in the creation of high-end Japanese lacquerware.

The Trained Eye of Masters

Kyoraku Kougei also produces world class mirror polished materials and products unavailable elsewhere. In order to maintain the highest of aesthetic standards, the process of monitoring, recoating and polishing is endlessly repeated by human hand until the desired end result is achieved. Complex layers of integrated processes result in a work of art, eventually sold as a 'product.' The 'trained eye of a master' is the definitive factor.

Pioneering new materials, drawing on years of innovation

Kyoraku Kougei's furniture and interior services network spans a diverse range of clients and industries, from Kyoto's State Guest House, temples and shrines, to five star hotels, gourmet restaurants and famous brand apparel stores. Capitalising on a vast wealth of experience, Kyoraku Kougei continues to push boundaries, investigate uncharted waters and strive with a 'spirit of perfection.'

UV塗装UV Paint Coating

Providing unparalled quality in large-scale mirror polished surfaces.

象嵌Wood Inlay

Manifesting 'uniquely elegant spaces' realized through master artisanship and rare premier wood acquisition.


Beautifying qualities that have been admired since ancient times by assimilating traditional Kyoto decorative arts techniques and aesthetics.



Producing 'majestic and courtly ambiences' embodied with the Kyoto aesthetic.

Pioneering a new path, we offer unique innovation and unprecedented design.

Beautifying qualities that have been admired since ancient times by assimilating traditional Kyoto decorative arts techniques and aesthetics.

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